Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Improving Marketing: An Example From The Italian Wine Industry

Websites are helpful but many small business owners are not maximizing e-commerce opportunities to gain the most from their businesses. This problem is realized in family own Italian wineries that may not have all of the relevant business management experience or time to keep up with changes. Using simple e-commerce strategies can help them maximize the results of their efforts.

An analysis of wine companies found that most offer their websites and product information only (Iaia, et. al. 2017). Many do not fully exploit the use of e-commerce to build communities and sell products. The authors found that perceived value of these products improve with online marketing.

1. Build Communities: It is helpful to build communities because wine lovers are hard core. They want to engage as much in a lifestyle as possible. Some ways a company can do this is through emails, exclusive specials, clubs, and social media groups.

2. Sell Products: Selling online can be an excellent opportunity for businesses that often can sell cheaper than their distributors. While there may be a few legal hurdles for age verification these are not insurmountable.

Iaia, L., et. al. (2017). Wine, family businesses and web: marketing strategies to compete effectively. British Food Journal, 119 (11).

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