Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Benefits of Investing in Companies like Evermedia Group Inc. (EVRM)

Stock investing is an important part of balancing out your financial portfolio. There are pros and cons to investing in cheaper stocks often called "penny stocks". Big gains are possible as these companies grow but they may also run the risk of unscrupulous managers and potential failure. Recently I purchased shares in the Evermedia Group Inc. because of their exceptional background, management and future trends. This article discusses why I think it would be a good buy.

Evermedia Group Inc. is a bio-metric security company that uses the human biology to protect important data, security, and technologies. They have close connections with the military and civilian sectors. Their patented technology has wide applicability for current problems. As time passes, there will be more of a need for these types of services as companies seek to protect their data from an army of hackers.

They describe their product as:

"Whether you are a deployed military unit using fingerprints for population control and sending data over a vulnerable wireless environment, a bank verifying a customers ID using their iris to make an online transfer over the Internet or an airport agency validating a traveler’s passport through an intranet, Evermedia can provide a platform to efficiently, cost-effectively and securely perform these transactions."

A few websites you can find more information about them:

Their Site

Their symbol is "EVRM"

Risks in Penny Stocks can Be Hedged: Penny stocks can be hedged to better protect investments. While the risks may be high it is also possible to purchase many shares in different companies from different sectors to mitigate exposure. Risk=Reward. Earning $1 on a share would be a big win if companies obtain a new contract or come up with a new product.

The CEO is Ex-Military with Ivy Education: The CEO Jonathan Sym who worked in a number of high status posts and is still currently engaged with the military. He worked as the Deputy Chief of Staff (Logistics) for NATO HQ SKOPJE, Logistics Staff Officer for JTF GTMO and as the Executive Officer at US European Command HQ Staff.

He is experienced in this type of work and has the proper connections to see opportunities as they arise. You may also add that he is a Harvard graduate, a school I attended here and there, and has the education to further business interests. Combining education, experience and connections makes a big difference in the success of smaller businesses.

When investing in smaller companies it is important invest in the people running it as much as investing in the company itself. Large companies have systems and resources while smaller companies become successful by their management team. In this case, EVRM has a solid management team with the experience and the social connections to pull it off.

Supporting the Cause:  As a secondary consideration, I support the military, technology, and advancement. This may not be popular with everyone but as an ex-military member myself I find great pleasure in investing a little in the overall success of our national defense systems. Believing in what the company is doing will help you take a more active interest in it.

You may also notice that Jonathan Sym is actively engaged within veteran's issues and this is a positive reflection of his character. While I do not know the man personally, I can say that I believe in much of what he stands for and therefore trust his judgement more than I would many other managers. Trust of character still has value in the market.

Patented Technology: They have patented technology in the U.S., China and South Korea. This gives them a leg up as they are not using others technology as service provider but have created their own technology. With proper sales and development they have opportunities to maximize profit from owning the production process from A to Z.

Looking at the Trends: The technology that Evermedia Group Inc implements is cutting edge and seeks to build on existing trends of cyber, bank, and data security. The use of bio-metrics is a growing trend that has made its way into cell phones and even retail sales. There is a need for companies to implement and manage this technology in a way that protects consumers.

As a bonus, the Trump Administration also announced plans to invest in the military, technology, and cyber security. This makes a business like this a potential receiver of such monies as security procedures are improved.

No one should tell you what company to invest in or not. This isn't actual stock advice but simply more of a relation of what I invested in and why I did it. You should conduct your own analysis and pick those stocks that you believe in and feel you can earn a profit from. 

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