Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Greater Responsibilities to Society

Sometimes we are so self consumed that we forget our greater responsibilities to society .We are worried about our pay, families, items, and needs that there isn't much left at the day to fulfill our responsibilities to society. When a great number of people no longer feel connected to certain principles that encourage a country to be great we run into an issue where the very fabric of our society begins to unravel.

Without values we collectively cherish with we will slowly dissipate into a mob of self-interested individuals. We fail to see the bigger picture that the world is bigger than us and there is a continuous stream of human development that leads to a better world.

In many ways, we can't blame people who are excessively focused on themselves. We are designed on a biological and psychological level to be self-absorbent from the day we are born and looking for nourishment and protection. We have a difficult time looking outside our "bubble" of consciousness to greater awareness of the "other".

As the mind develops, a few individuals begin to create a level of global intelligence that sees a greater connection to the world, themselves and the universe. They gain the "Eagles Eye" that sees the world from a different perspective that understands the systematic nature of society. They are the leaders of tomorrow.

While it may not seem that any one individual is important they are an important like a drop of water in a bucket. If they become exceptional leaders they guide a whole lot of others to greater awareness and action. As a nation of droplets we are at our best when we are work together to hedge our skills and abilities to create a tidal wave of force that leads to improvement for everyone.

Our people are a collection of ideas, thoughts, and efforts that leads to national action that can change the course of history. Leadership moves people beyond their selfish needs to help them find a piece of themselves in a national vision. Once the path is created and mechanisms understood, a lot of action at just the right times creates new beliefs that become part of our national identity. If the calling is noble enough other peoples and national will adopt the truth of those ideals as well.

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