Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Horse Riding as a Lifetime Activity

I once took classes in the past and do so now. Horse riding is an activity that takes significant commitment. It isn't as though you just walk out there and jump on a horse and your ready to go. There is time to learn balance, commands, how to care for a horse, the cost of the horse, and its general maintenance expenses.

You might ask why to get one?

I think there are few reasons that you can consider. They are connection to nature, hobby, social, and reward for hard work. You will eventually bond with your horse and it will become part of your family. There will be a need to groom, ride, and visit the horse on a regular basis.

You will get involved with a community of horse riders who are engage in horse activities that include parades, camping, hanging out at the stables and share horse tips and help each other out.

It will definitely be a project. The project includes continuous practices, learning, training, and spending time taking care of the horse and working on its overall abilities.

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