Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Spending on the Arts is Increasing and That is a Good Thing

Culture and human expression in arts is an important part of understanding the world around us. New statistics show that the arts and culture sector contributed $763.6 billion. That is somewhere around 4.2% of the economy and is much higher than many other sectors. The cultural views in the nation are changing with a new and emerging younger generation that values different things than previous generations.

Both outdoor recreation and the Arts have increased this year. People are more interested in engaging in a well rounded life. They provide an outlet for the deeper meaning of life beyond work and making money. It provides an appreciation for our culture and the culture of other people.

I have spend a lot of time with people from Europe and other places in the world and what I found is that believe Americans are not very "cultural". I don't believe this to be true. We have our own culture based in our history and need to be practical.

However, we are not always aware of the other cultural attributes that come from Europe and other places in the world. Engaging in cultural activities helps create a greater appreciation for human life and people in the world.

One can also make the argument that watching cultural events also provides a outlet for understanding the beauty and tragedy of life in general. We can get in touch with our emotions and the needs of society. It provides ideals and standards many of us should strive for.

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