Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Detroit State of the City Address and Areas of Continuous Improvement

The State of the City by Mike Duggan addresses a few key points. Below is what I like and what I think could be improved in the future. A few key points:

1. Better schools, bus routes to school programs and college tuition.
2. Infrastructure on roads, biking and parking.
3. Housing improvements in removing abandoned houses and remodeling older houses.
4. Better police and fire protection.
5. 2 Billion budget that may allow removal from state oversight.
6. Jobs and businesses.

These are good things. They are still in the arena of building the basics. Attracting more business is helpful in creating long-term viability of the city.

To be truly successful the city will need to also do a few more things for long-term development:

1. Partner with the region and state to attract back manufacturing into the area.
2. Create new and enhance existing export infrastructure.
3. Encourage new businesses and clusters to form in the area.
4. Continue to work on making business-government regulations easy to navigate.
5. Develop the social environment and attract entrepreneurs, artists, business people, and high skilled laborers into the area.
6. Improve data transition, financial transactions and network development.
7. Encourage high tech companies to resettle in the area.
8. Seek out international investors from different countries and improve international marketing of the city and its businesses.

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