Thursday, March 29, 2018

Philosophy Crash Course

I believe that philosophy is part of a persons development and depth of their thinking. Without understanding we can't have a true grasp of the nature of life or the sciences. While most people are focused on what they are going to have for supper, while there are others who think about the greater universe and its needs. For those who want a crash reading I would suggest the following book.

Philosophy Crash Course: An In-depth Overview of History's Great Thinkers by Paxton Casmiro

Its an easy read and offers an opportunity to get the "skinny" on each of the major philosophers to understand what is out there in terms of thought. While most philosophy books written by philosophy professors seek to create a perception of wisdom through big words and complex sentences this book is for the average person.

Philosophy helps us balance our place in life by helping us understand our place in the world and the nature of people and society. A question most of us struggle with in our lives even though we don't know the question. There is a reason why we attend spiritual events and get involved in causes in order to find purpose.

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