Saturday, April 1, 2017

Why is Internet Privacy Important-2 Good Reasons

There seems to be a lot of anger and "hub bub" about internet privacy rules. Some people view the internet as a nice convenience, but for most Americans it is more of an infrastructure necessity like electricity, water, and roads. Much of our lives are online. While there are some good reasons to release this data for marketing purposes, one must consider the other side of the argument about where and how this information can be used.

While in most cases, the information isn't collected and sold per see about you as an individual, it does get added to a database and kept indefinitely. Companies, marketers, hackers and governments can collect and use this information if they want to. For a younger generation that lives online, their entire life may be collected and analyzed online if one were to keep and put all the information in one place over a number of decades.

Reason 1: People are unaware of how much information is actually out there about them. Their browsing history can tell a company allot about you. Companies often use this information to provide new products and services that fit within your interests. The problem is that it stacks the deck when companies know more about you than you know about yourself.

It is a little like being a fly on the wall and watching someone everyday and night without their permission. The Internet is a huge part of our lives is far beyond a luxury and more into a necessity. We live, work, converse with family, buy things, and connect our household items to it. No one should be able to invade your home or your Internet behavior to such an extent.

Reason 2: Hacking and information theft are growing. Hacking and information theft costs people big time in terms of information and money! Without individual stops, at the company, and the user level on how and where their information is being used there will be significant difficulties keeping this information in check. It will be out there sold to marketers and used by some people without values.

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