Friday, March 31, 2017

Two Executive Orders the U.S. is Enacting to Fight Chinese Illegal Trade

A half trillion dollar trade deficit makes America a little weaker every year as it continues unimpeded. Right sizing our economy not only means improving our business competitiveness, but also catching trade abuses when they occur. The first executive order is to conduct a study on why the U.S. has a large trade deficit with its largest trading partners and the second executive order is to enforce anti-dumping laws.

It is wise to determine the cost of trading and why the U.S. is loosing its position. This may be some of our own making but also may behaviors by our trade partners. The study should seek ways to improve American businesses while ensuring that we understand the global world in which we now find ourselves part of.

The second executive order is designed to collect $2.8 billion on trade losses and create better mechanisms for enforcing anti-dumping laws. It is necessary to seek better manners of detecting, enforcing, punishing and collecting when countries willfully violate our laws. It may not be enough to go after the country alone but consider the companies as well.

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