Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What You Get When You Bike to Work

Biking to work offers benefits for your health as well as your mind. When driving we often miss out on the opportunity to see the world from a smaller place. Biking slows us down and gives us a chance to see all of the little things we would not be able to see otherwise. It gives us perspective and health in the same activity.

When driving the highways we pay attention to the road. At least we should. When riding a bike we get an opportunity to seek all the little store, restaurants and shops that we wouldn't have seen otherwise.

Let me give you an example. The other day I was riding my bike and noticed a neat little restaurant that I passed by many other times and never paid attention. I even discovered a little park that I never knew existed. Took a few minutes to explore it and sit for a second.

Riding offered me the chance to improve my health and see new things that were not possible when I was driving in a car. There were little stores, house, people, and corners I simply didn't pay attention to. By the time I got to my destination I have discovered a whole slew of things I would like to explore.

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