Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Does Your Lifestyle Say About You?

Your lifestyle is all about you and a statement on how you plan on living in this world until the end. Some people are sports nuts, some outdoor camel-backs, a few geeky bookworms, and yet others artsy fartsy types. They unique way in which you live in this world is about your personal statement of who your essence. You may not even know why you are attracted to these activities but something deep is bubbling up.

Sport Nut: Excited about crafting and developing a sculpture with their body. They enjoy pushing themselves to the limit in order show their mastery over their environment. Their physical prowess is about reaching new dominance.

Outdoor Camel-back: The love of nature and seeing the world the way it was meant to see in all of its rugged glory. They traverse oceans, climb mountains, hike the wilderness, and eat grubs for dinner. Their heart is based in the explorer and challenger of nature.

Geeky Bookworm: Reaching new heights of knowledge is the name of the game. They want to know things others don't know, understand the world around them, and come to new conclusions. Their seek to dominate their environment through their intelligence.

Artsy Fartsy: Its about expressing their inner creativity and transferring their emotions through their art like a conduit. As an artsy type they seek to reach the highest levels of human expression. They seek dominance in the sensual nature.

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