Monday, March 27, 2017

Working from your Strengths

Working from your strengths can lead to greater productivity and overall development of one's skills by focusing on what you do well. Putting your best foot forward can reap rewards for your career as you align your strengths to the needs of your employer in a way that leads to mutual benefit. We can't be good at everything so be really good at what you know your good at!

When we are young we are taught to be good at everything. At a young age we need to learn how to develop our skills and explore our abilities. Yet, as we get older we will need to take those skills we are good at and apply them to earn a living.

Each person is born with certain skills and abilities that once discovered need to be practiced to achieve mastery. We start out slowly and clumsy until we slowly gain confidence with each new experience. Over time we know what our strengths and weaknesses are and can use them for our benefit.

Tips for working from your strengths:

1.) When engaging in work projects and activities seek to use your skills you are good at to have the best outcomes.
2.) Develop working relationships and hedge your weaknesses with those who hold strengths in those areas.
3.) Continue to develop your weaknesses but focus on your strengths.
4.) Volunteer and seek out jobs that maximize your strengths and lead to the highest levels of success.

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