Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pulling Your Team Together

Pulling together team takes a little skill as people from varying walks of life and skill sets come together to achieve an objective. Whether this is for business or this for something else like a non-profit the process is the same. Successful teams are built and created from a particular mindset. The following tips will help you create a high functioning team.

1. Different Strengths: Pull together a team with the strengths you need to accomplish your goals. Recruit people with the skills you need and try and ensure that they support the goals of the team.

2. Find Commonality: Find something all the members believe in. It could be the development of innovative products or it could be getting the books in the hands of kids. The values can be used to create a way of focusing on the end result.

3. Set Your Goals: Develop specific goals for the team to achieve. They will be your highest priority. All actions will be measure against goal attainment. When you achieve one goal work toward another.

4. Create Motivation: Find ways of motivating your team through recognition, rewards, compensation, and experience.

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