Monday, December 19, 2016

Matching Customer Needs and Improving Sales

Customers are needy creatures that are willing to pay for those needs if the right items or services are available. When companies have better focus on meeting those needs they are able to increase sales and improve marketing performance. At the end of the day, performance is about discovering needs, fulfilling those needs and converting those needs into sales.

One of the first things to assessing customer needs is understanding your core customer demographics. Once you have a grasp of your customer's spending habits, income, location, and interests you can find those products generate significant market appeal.

Beyond finding marketing driven products you will need to poll and question your customers to determine which specific features, brands, services and products appeal to them the most. Obtaining your general customer demographics and specific needs will help you develop offerings that serve those needs.

Finding your customer needs is one thing but getting them to make a purchase is another. This will require tapping into their motivational interests. In many cases this is based in their self-esteem needs while in other cases it is more related to to their specific utility.

The marketing campaigns you create should tap those interests and provide specific information on how to make a purchase. Making this process as easy as possible lowers the annoyance factor associated with buying. Conversion is related to the ability of making purchases easy as possible.

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