Monday, December 19, 2016

Revitalizing Small Farms

Small farms were once the backbone of the country from the first day settlers got off the boat. These small farms started with almost nothing.  Families cut out new land, built houses, and created a life where many would have perished. Life wasn't always easy but the did create a culture of individualism and self-reliance. Changes in work situations may allow younger generations to move back to farming as an occupation.

Today's online employment opportunities offers chances for younger people to start their own farms and still keep their jobs. This is an amazing advancement that could be used to repopulate small towns and rural countryside.

The problem with many of these areas is that people can't' find good paying jobs, don't have the capital to start farms, and have few options. Younger people are forced off of their family land and then into larger cities where the lifestyle changes.

To keep people on their farms and starting new farms means giving them employment opportunities. They need a chance to not only make money on their farm activities but also somewhere that provides a reasonable income and medical benefits.

Micro farms can start small and then make their way into something larger as they progress and find new markets. It is just like running any other business. However, with a solid job to support the family the process becomes much easier. Some may stay small micro-farms for personal use while others could grow into something bigger. The trend can be reversed.

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