Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Why is Corporate Change Stressful?

Change is a fundamental consistency of life. We can't escape it and we can't really fight it for very long. Eventually change sweeps us all up on one form or another. We can learn to ride change so that it is less stressful. In business, preparing employees for changes is an important part of strategic implementation.

New rules, expectations,work patterns and roles can be stressful even when they are beneficial. Companies often develop really excellent strategies and fail to implement those strategies well because they didn't consider the human element in their approach.

It is easy to consider the merits of allocating resources and the projected return on new production lines. What isn't easy is to predict the behavior of people who have all types of complex concerns and needs. They respond to situations how they see them.

How they view these situations will impact their stress levels. They will interpret change as helpful and stressful by their own personality characteristics as well as the information available to them. When implementing new plans it is helpful to open communication lines so they have appropriate information.

The stress that comes from change is also based in part on how their social network views such change. It is important to review the need for change at a group level but also on a supervisory level where greater meaning is created. Change is stressful but helping employees interpret better through appropriate communication as part of the strategic plan can encourage greater implementation.

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