Thursday, June 9, 2016

Friends can Make or Break Your Career

It is said that your closest friends define who you are. In business, your friends can either bring you good luck and confidence or they can tear you down in a way that damages your capacity to achieve great things. Making sure you surround yourself with good friends can make a big difference in your capacity to achieve.

Consider that the ideas you have are not completely yours. They are collection of the ideas and thoughts shared by your closest friends. If these ideas are thoughts are helpful to your success and the way you think about yourself then you are likely to feel empowered by your friends. If it is the opposite, chances are they are going to steal your confidence.

Good friends can go a long way in supporting you in your endeavors and helping you think through ideas. They are contributors to your life and don't necessarily want to take away from you. They are helpful within their means and desire to see you succeed. You simply feel good when your around them.

Much of the world we see is subjective by nature. We bounce our thoughts and ideas on others who reflect back what they think. Good friends will reflect back positive things while bad friends will reflect negative things. We begin to believe and see those things as fact when they are just subjective interpretations.

It is important in your career to surround yourself with good people who have a positive outlook on life. They will provide you with positive social outlets and will give you a more beneficial outlook on your life. Careers are build through our day in and day out interpretations and performance. It is necessary to support those through a solid support network.

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