Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Difference Between Good and Bad Managers

Not all managers are good and not all are bad. Most fall somewhere in between. By having some way of understanding the differences between good and bad managers you can gauge your own. The ability to get tasks done is different than the people skills that managers need to succeed. The difference between good and bad....


Listens to employees needs

Motivates employees to perform at their best

Achieves agendas by drawing in talent

Spends the time to understanding their employees

Can develop personal relationships

Emotionally intelligent

Skillful in their work

Creates confidence

Short and long-term plan

Allows others to manager their own affairs.


Doesn't really listen

Focused on their agenda without motivating others

Has a hard time interacting with others

People don't have confidence in their abilities

Seems to be self-focused

Emotionally closed and explosive when angry

Short-term strategies without a long-term plan

Lacks team building skills

Lacks skill and blames others


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