Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tips to Detox Your Brain

You may have heard of detoxing your body by eating the right kinds of food but not of detoxing your brain. Detoxing your brain can improve your outlook on life and renew your focus on your job. A cluttered head with lots of useless toxic thoughts won't give us the best performance.

1.) Find something you enjoy that relaxes you.

Sometimes we move through our working careers and don't take time to find things that we truly enjoy. It is beneficial to find work-life balance so that we can enjoy work and and not be plagued by regret and a negative gnawing feeling that we are neglecting something.

2.) Can you lose yourself in the flow.

Those activities that are the best are the ones that help you get into the flow and forget where you are or how much time you spent on the activity. For some it might be painting while for others it could be sports. It allows you to truly just be in the moment and process your thoughts.

3.) You can connect with yourself.

Not all activities allow you to connect with yourself, your needs, and feelings. It is important to create a healthy mind be being yourself and understanding yourself. Find those activities that allow your brain to slow down and feel at peace.

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