Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Getting in Touch with Performance by Getting in Touch with Self

Performance is seen as the primary marker of a person's success. Depending on whether a person is focused on short or long-term goals the way in which they approach the work environment will change. Intrinsically motivated people will focus on the personal value of their work while extrinsically motivated will seek the recognition from others to maintain momentum. Getting in touch with yourself will determine how you approach your work.

People who are task oriented focus on immediate gains that can be helpful for getting the work done. Sometimes they miss the big picture and fail to see why those tasks are important. They can continue on with the same tasks without questioning whether or not their work is ending in fruitful results.

Others are more long-term and question every task and its importance. If the task doesn't have real additive value or doesn't seem to be the best use of their time they will lose motivation quickly. They question the work they are doing and try and keep it as relevant as possible.

As you can tell the way in which we view our work and ourselves filters through everything we do. It becomes part of our work activities and perception towards that work. By tapping into our own potential, wants, and needs we are able to improve our work capacity and the organization.

Most importantly, we also come to like that work more as we find personal meaning in it and are able to identify with our tasks more. This is the ultimate goal of any organization that wants to develop long-term relationships with their employees and create a strong talent base. The more they can help employees reach their true potential the more they can benefit from the natural outputs of personal strength discovery.

Tapping your true potential isn't an easy road and takes lots of new experiences, learning, and integration of knowledge. Most people don't have the capacity to develop on their own and will continually fall into the same perceptions and patterns they are accustomed with. Through getting in touch with who you are you can find your personal strengths and weaknesses and put them to constructive work.

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