Monday, May 30, 2016

Monuments of a Commercial Past

Lighthouses are a monument of the past that represent a time when shipping was the main mode of transportation and method of moving products. The Great Lakes were an integral part of the country economy and movement of natural resources. The houses and families that once lived there are gone but the blinking lights that indicate land are still there.

People visit these monuments because they find them to be peaceful reminders of our past. They were part of what made our country great. As people visit these historical places they read about some of the families that lived there and what it all meant.

In Delta County Michigan there is a long maritime history of ore boats, logging, shipping, and natural resources. The water was one way in which people spent a great amount of time cultivating to ensure their survival in a harsh environment. The water and its gifts are still very much part of local life even though modern amenities have made their way into the area.

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