Monday, August 3, 2015

Weight Loss with Quality and Portion Control

Two problems that face most people who want to lose weight is quality of the food and the size of the portion. People often eat too much and too much of the wrong food. Both can have a serious consequence of weight gain. Making better choices will help you in achieving your fitness goals.

Working out alone doesn't do it. Certainly you can burn more calories and improve your overall health. The problem is that you would have to work out like a professional athlete if you want to burn off the calories from a box of chocolates or a bag of your favorite chips.

It is better to start with a smaller portion and adjust according to your weight loss or gain. As Americans we have become accustomed to large portions and when we don't get it we feel like we didn't get our money's worth. All you can Eat, Big Mac, Super Size, Big Gulp, etc. are all part of the problem.

Eating smaller will lower your total calorie count and this is important if you want to lose weight. But losing weight should not be the only goal. The other side of a health fitness program is to eat the right foods for health. This means replacing fatty foods with greener, leaner, and healthier options.

If you get the right mix down you can lose weight and improve your body image. Cutting calories will help you lose weight while eating the right foods will improve your body formation. Both help to create a healthy lifestyle that works on your in and outsides. It may take some time but start small and make your way up. 

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