Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Soft Side of Retaining Officers in an Improving Economy

Military officers are subject to culture and  personnel needs in the same way as any other company. Recruiting and retraining mid-level officers for senior officer positions is helpful in maintaining long-term competitiveness. The principles that apply to the military are also easily applicable to the business world.
Making sure the needs of Millennials are fulfilled helps ensure they have viable career paths that create win-win situations between all interested parties.

The military should manage for the Millenials, revamp human resource strategies and adjust command structures (Kirklin, 2015). Doing so creates a stronger environment for higher levels of military performance and skill retention that impacts leadership capacity in the future. The military is not immune to recruitment and retention strategy failures.

One of the first steps to transformation for the new generation is to understand their needs. They want more individual freedom, capacity to contribute and opportunity to grow. The recession has impacted the generation before them and a growing economy offers plenty of prospects outside of the military. Attracting and retaining high performers needs a little more emphasis.

Adventure, contribution, patriotism, opportunity, companionship and stability are some of the reasons why a person might choose to join or stay in the military. The military's culture will require a renewed focus on the mannerisms and needs of a new generation so that they can maximize their performance and make life-time careers out of serving others.

As the management guard changes from older to younger generations it is necessary to ensure that the organizations take their needs into consideration. This means that cultures will have to change in positive ways that create more capacity. Millenials seek full expression of their values and beliefs and incorpoating their needs into today's organizations can make a difference in retention.

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