Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Practical Benefits of Learning Self-Defense

Self-Defense is not just learning how to defend yourself but also about how to live and exist in the world. People confuse self-defense with violence and this is not its purpose. It is more about health, defense, confidence, and sporting engagement than anything else. The style is less important than the process of engagement.

Consider the amount of time and focus it takes to learn various moves. One is learning to use their body in ways they have not been accustomed. This process of moving ones body and engaging in fitness to improve ability. The more one engages the stronger, more flexible, and coordinated they become.

Self-defense is beneficial in this world. We may think we live in a civilized society but this isn't always true. There are people in this world that seek to use violence and aggression to get their needs and goals achieved. No one knows they need the knowledge and ability to defend themselves until it is too late. Everyone should learn the basics.

Students will also gain confidence in their body and themselves. There is comfort in knowing that if you find yourself in a tough situation you can handle it. As the confidence rises it will filter into other areas of life such as work and friendship. This will impact how you see your world.

People loves sports and engaging in something practical has its positives. Those who enjoy self-defense appreciate the natural ability and movements that create an art form. Self-defense is on the same level as professional boxing, wrestling, and kickboxing. It is a sport people enjoy watching and learning from. At times it can also be socially oriented when you get involved in a local gym.

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