Friday, July 10, 2015

Keeping Customers at the Center of Your Business

Customer satisfaction is the vital sign that acts like a pulse to the health of the rest of the organization. Companies that keep their customers in focus win over the long run. Ensuring that policies & procedures, training, recruitment, facilities and resources are focused on customer satisfaction is important for sustainability.

All businesses are in the business of serving customers. How many cars would sell if they didn’t serve the needs of their customer? Would it be any different for a spa or vacation? Companies that make the mistake of not running their daily operations with the customer in focus eventually start seeing the errors of their ways through poor customer retention and sales. 

Policies & Procedures: The internal mechanisms and operations should ensure every activity is focused on the customer. 

Training: Training should seek to ensure quality completion of jobs and friendly customer interactions; it should set the standard for employees. 

Recruitment: The right kind of personality should be sought after in all recruitment decisions. 

Facilities: All organizations should be designed around the needs of their customer through d├ęcor, functionality, and proper use of space. 

Resources: Reinvesting in value producing products and services. Resources should not be wasted on activities not in alignment with strategic initiatives

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