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Game Theory Shows Selfish People Eventually Lose-MSU Study

Christoph Adami, a professor of microbiology and molecular genetics at Michigan State University shows through his study that if you are selfish evolution will punish you. Teaming with Professor Arend Hintze they used hundreds of thousands of game theory simulations in biology, economics, political science and other disciplines to determine their results. They found that those who played the selfish zero-determinant game eventually lost.  Selfish people who were playing against a single cooperative opponent won but lost against multiple players. They took advantage against those who they could recognize and determine their strategies. However, when they played in a larger field and did not know whom they were dealing with and the various types of cooperative and zero-determinant players they were playing against they eventually were beaten into a more cooperative stance.  Let us assume for a moment you are dealing with an inherently selfish person and they have a history of si