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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Poem: The Author’s Rite-A responsibility to society?

The poem The Author’s Rite is about the ceremony of writing and the author’s responsibility to society. Each author seeks to write something meaningful in a way that is simplified for their audience. The author becomes a teacher of sorts that uses language to tell a story or pass on a value system. They simplify by writing concisely or making the moral more palatable by creating a story readers can accept. 

Writing in society is not an easy job and takes on a form of celibate work. Most authors make little money but hold the great responsibility of transferring knowledge that helps societies grow. Without authors society would be stagnant and fail to develop and share ideas and thoughts. The Authors Rite is the practice of writing and sharing new knowledge. 

The Author’s Rite

Lines of language reaching long,
Stretching minds in its wake,
A pearl necklace of words,
Authors that scribble with clear sight,
To bottle an orator’s breeze into a single bit. 

Author. Dr. Murad Abel