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The Benefits and Detractors of Using Ankle and Wrist Weights

Ankle and Wrist weights can add additional pressure to any work out as well as prepare you for greater strength and speed in other sporting arenas. Ankle and wrist weights are great for kenpo, yoga, dance, and movement sports but also come with some additional risks for those engaging in repeated cardio exercise. Ensure you know when and where to wear your extra weights to develop higher levels of fitness activity.  Extra weight means the body has to work harder to complete activities. Weight increases both muscle gain and the physiological effort required to complete activities.   The body will adjust quickly to the change of effort. When engaging in yoga, kenpo (including other martial arts), or dance this extra weight will strengthen your ability to effectively complete these complex moves when the weights are removed.  For example, in yoga the extension of the leg or arm may benefit from the extra weight. However, the exercise has little to no negative stress impact