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Human Instincts, Workmanship and Economic Development

The innate nature of man is to contribute to the development of the organization and society. Through the purposeful enhancement of individual workers, society can reap the rewards of higher levels of performance. Such performance is a natural instinct of man when given appropriate guidance and opportunities for development. Managers can contribute to the economic development of their society by fostering the instinctual self-interest of individuals to contribute to survival of the entire organization.  " Chief among those instinctive dispositions that conduce directly to the material well-being of the race {I'm pretty sure this means the human species/mankind}, and therefore to its biological success, is perhaps the instinctive bias here spoken of as the sense of workmanship ." -Thorstein Veblen Instincts have a large impact on why man engages in meaningful work. As a biological creature he seeks to develop the well-being of his race and in essence his own overall