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Using Online Education Assessments to Foster Greater Learning

Education is an important component to personal and professional growth. Education has moved online and creates a strong platform to reach a wider group of people from a more diverse background. Perera-Diltz & Moe, J. (2014) discusses the use of formative and substantive assessments in online learning platforms and how these contribute to learning. For online professors they can use their knowledge to encourage development in geographically dispersed individuals and groups.  All knowledge is constructed from previous knowledge and this continues to grow and develop over time as more complex information is added to existing frameworks that create even stronger and wider reaching frameworks. Construction comes from teacher-led learning (Frieire, 2000), collaborative construction between student and teacher (Collins, et. al, 1989), or situated learning framework (Lave & Wenger, 1991).  Teachers can either lead information by pushing knowledge and retention or they can