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The Living Room-A Flash Back

Rarely do you find a place that throws you back fifty years. At a time when Baby Boomers were just in college these places were more common and dotted college towns. The decades have reduced the mom & pop coffee shops and converted them to chains with only a small reflection of their once counter-culture existence. The Living Room located near Shelter Island offers a historic charm and place to gather.  In the 60’s style The Living Room offers a retro décor with their vinyl record covered walls and true coffee house experience. The furniture is old and dusty just like an academic would want. Each crack, scrape and nick on the furniture offers a snap shot into a person’s life story. Generations of people may have sat on some of chairs and wrote on some of the tables.    It is a great place to lounge and catch up on your work while still being in the public. Light rock music fills your ears while the smell of cappuccino permeates your nose. You can sit on the large de