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Art Exhibition: Anatomy of Drawing and Space (Brain Trash)

It’s wild and explores the innovative resources of man’s mind. James Drake’s Anatomy of Drawing and Space delves into brain trash. Anything he can think of is drawn out and stuck on the wall. Some of the works are great pieces of sketch mastery while others leave you wondering what the author is really attempting to say. Anything goes when you are splattering your brain trash on the wall.  The work is primarily unconscious in the sense that it allows any connection between concepts to be drawn out and displayed for public consumption. Some of the ideas are far out while others are closely akin to conventional drawing.   You will find a variety of themes in the collage and can even find unique orientations of the work if you take a step back to see the whole picture. Running June 10 th to September 21 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacobs building the exhibit offers ideas, innovation, life, and chaos spelled out in draftsman quality. The 1,242 drawings include creat

The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

The Persistence of Memory 1931 The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali in 1931 represents a surrealist perspective of deep understandings of the nature of the universe. The painting is more than meets the eye and much deeper than its first impression. Even though the work was started from watching melting cheese it is also a deeply moving unconscious experience. The painter and his work were part of a movement that delved beneath the human psyche and tried to project that understanding for others to ponder the complex nature of human experience.  The melting watches were representations of the continuum of space and time and the melting cosmic order. Time is relative to activity in the environment. If everything within the environment is moving fast while the object is moving slow, time will seeming slower than if an object speeds up and the environment lags in speed, then time is condensed. The creature in the picture represents the fading of images in dreams that we h