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Wine Review: Cherry on Top

Cherry on Top is not your average white wine. If you enjoy sweet wines with a cool refreshing floral taste this wine is for you. A blend of Muscat, Riesling Gewurztraminer, Chenin Blanc and Viognier it is fresh and cool to the palate. Grapes are picked at their ripest point in order to provide that high fruity flavor.   The composition is as follows: 27% White Riesling 21% Gewurztraminer 9% Chenin Blanc 7% Viognier 3% Other white Even though it is sweet, it is not exactly pure sugar. The acidity rounds out its sweetness to create more of a refreshing desert drink. This may be a good wine for sushi or other spicy foods. Chicken, pork, and tomatoes are some of the other strong pairing options. You can use this wine with sweet dessert but make sure they match or one will taste tart.