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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Secret Surfing of Fletcher's Cove

Fletcher’s Cove is a little known surfing location in Solana Beach. With a beautiful maintained park, clean and easy access bathrooms, with plenty of parking lot and street parking you may think it is worth the short drive to frequent. Once parked you simply walk down a hill and onto a very well maintained beach. Walls of stone line the entire beach for about a mile to the Northern coastline. 

One of the reasons why this beach is different from many of the others is that it is North of San Diego and out of way. This means that it is not packed like many other beaches to the South. In addition to the easy to find places to sun tan is a lifeguard who should help surfers feel safe. Occasionally you will even find a food vendor at the top of the hill if you are in the mood for a bag of chips or hot dog. 

The waves are large compared to some of the other beaches I have been on. You may find that the water is a little murky with sand and seaweed. Likewise, you should consider the pebbles nestled in the sand if you decide to jump off your board in shallow water. Other than these few drawbacks, the overall convenience and the highly maintained area are a benefit making it a surfer’s secret. 

Once you are done surfing you may be interested in walking to the East for a block to find a number of different restaurants. Hwy 101 is known for its easy parking and throughway throughout the town. A few blocks beyond this and you run into Cedros avenue and see the downtown area where additional eating and shopping outlets are located.