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Grade Inflation: Rescuing Students from Unrealistic Expectations

Grade inflation has been a drag on the quality of education for sometime and sets students up for future failure . The artificial , and often accidental , inflation of grades persists and does n’t appear to have an immediate resolution . Professors feel pressure to continue providing high grades despite its long-term damage to the student , the university , and future employers . Looking out for students requires holding the line on grade pressure . Its easy to give high grades when the benefits significantly outweigh the costs of holding students accountable for learning . Professors mentioned that grade inflation is a result of poor student evaluations, poor student-teacher relationships , financial aid requirements , and excessively high student expectations (Caruth & Caruth, 2013). Giving accurate grades comes with internal and external pressure to lower the standards. On the first day ,

Preparing Students for Graduate School with Online “Boot Camps”

Graduate school can be stressful for students who are unprepared for the tasks that lay ahead. As expectations rise, students may not be ready to handle the different requirements of successfully navigating graduate school at an increased performance level. Offering a graduate boot camp can help in preparing students not only for the technological skills but also the required study habits to achieve their goals.  I read a short paper by Posey and Pintz (2013) that discusses offering an online course for helping student’s bridge the gap. Their course focuses on helping students understand the expectations of graduate school, the new writing requirements, how to search in the library and how to conduct basic research.    The idea presents some promise in helping students raise their caliber of performance and understand new expectations. That doesn’t mean students would be particularly interested in attending such a course. Few of them will want to complete additional work

Student Expectations of Hotel Management Education and Careers

Students moving into the hotel and hospitality management fields choose this occupation for a variety of reasons ranging from travel to compensation. In a number of cases, students were not aware of why they choose this particular field and did so on a hunch. At the time, they made the decision it seemed like a choice that fits their personal lifestyle and goals. Research by Peshave and Gujarathi helps to understand why students have chosen the hotel industry and what their expectations are. Upon graduation, students have personal and professional expectations they hope to fulfill within their workplace. For example, many students hope to be a general manager within 10 years of graduation (Jenkins, 2001). They may also have expectations about what department they are going to work in, what type of work they will be doing, and even the type of hotel industry they will find employment. Sometimes these expectations are accurate and other times they are based upon misconstrued