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Webinar: Strategies For Developing And Maintaining A Robust Student Ambassador Program

Date: Tuesday, September 9, 1:00-2:30 (Eastern) Type: online webinar Web Address: http://www. product_p/3215.htm Info: There is no doubt that colleges with strong student ambassador programs reap the benefits of increased enrollment, better retention, and strengthened community relationships. From showcasing the quality and diversity of their student population to having a highly trained student team available to assist with special events and outreach programs, it is clear that colleges can reap incredible benefits from well-managed student ambassador programs. An added benefit is for the student ambassador, as they gain valuable experience that makes them stand out to potential employers with their strong leadership, organizational, and supervisory skills. This webinar will focus on the key factors in developing a structural plan to implement a student ambassador program. We will review critical elements of recruiting, training, and retaining ambassa