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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Arts & Crafts: Building a Nostalgic Bookshelf

Having interest in arts, crafts and other projects is a wonderful way of spending time constructively. Through the process of engaging in crafts, it is possible to learn new skills to apply in some new way in the future. This project was a simple bookshelf that can be completed even by the youngest of family members. 

No nails, construction, or anything else besides some paint, crates, and paintbrush are needed.  It is always best to do things as cheaply as possible. Looking around grocery stores and other areas that use crates for shipping or holding corn can be beneficial. Some craft stores carry these boxes but they charge a high rate. 

Painting these boxes provides an opportunity to match them within your room or apartment. If you have a little space and a sander, the best route is to stain them with a color that matches your furniture. This will require a high level of sanding to get the grain just right and remove any imperfections in the box. 

The nice thing about these bookshelves is that they can go anywhere including your closet and garage. You can break them up or use them all together. The pattern of their arrangement is completely up to you. Some have made them into a diamond shape with two on the bottom, three in the middle and two on the top. Once they are full of books they will hold. 

Nostalgic furniture seems to be of interest to people. Perhaps it is something we grew up with or have positive feelings with. Most of the major retailers carry nostalgic items from our past that have been re-engineered to fit the modern times. It is easy to build these old fashion bookshelves on a shoestring budget and a little hard work.