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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wine Review: Kinsen Plum Wine

Kinsen Plum Wine is a grape wine with plum and caramel flavors. It is inevitably sweet to taste and often served at Asian restaurants that offer plates associated with sushi. It is smooth white wine with a taste as sweet as apple juice but with a 12% alc./vol.  It pairs well with hot and spicy Asian food such as Tia, Korean, or Chinese. Most plum wines are artificial with flavors to maintain lightness as real plum wines are course and relatively thick. 

Asia is not well known for wine and until the Russians brought grapes to the region wine was relatively unknown. However, different forms of wine can go back 2,000 years using different forms of fruit. What is now known as plum wine is actually plum liquor. This is made by soaking unripe plums in water and adding sugar into the fermentation process.  Most Asian food is served with beer.


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