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A Recommended Book for Writing Scientific Papers

Writing scientific papers can be a daunting task. After taking months to design your experiment, conduct your experiment and analyze your results you must then present your findings. For many researchers, the act of writing about one’s work in a scientific manner and knowing where and how to present your work can hamper even the most confident of writers. The book How to Write and Publish a Scientific Research Paper: a Guide to Beginning Investigators (2014) by Dr. Luz Claudio offers the essential information to finish your paper.  New researchers seem to face this frightening task alone. In some cases they may have worked as understudies , or co-researchers, with other principle investigators and have learned the hard way. Other times they may be part of a university that conducts research but have not satisfied their full training needs. In either case, having a book that can not only refresh your memory but also gives you the specifics you will need to know to accomplish