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The State of Gifted Education in Finland

Picture by Dr. Andree Swanson Different educational opportunities are needed to develop the highly gifted to create national innovation and development. Kirsi Tirri and Elina Kuusisto (2013) studied the gifted educational opportunities in Finland and found that even with recent improvements the nation is still suffering from a complete understanding of this population. Improvements are being made to spur national innovation but there is a general lack of funding, understanding, and research on this population.  Most international tests indicate that Finland appears to do well on science, math and reading tests. Education is free but this has created a reliance on public education with little variability within the market. Most of the education focuses on the average student and those who are considered special needs but fosters few educational opportunities for the gifted.  To many administrators and decision-makers education is seen as a national investment. It is beli