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Will The U.S. Soon Be a Hot Manufacturing Nation?

Will American make its way back into leading manufacturing status? A report by the Boston Consulting Group indicates that the U.S. will see increases in manufacturing over the next couple of years as parity is achieved due to lower natural gas prices, stagnated wages in the U.S. and higher costs overseas. With a decline of energy costs from oil shale dropping to 50% and increases in the cost of manufacturing in countries like China there is much to cheer in the U.S. The good times can roar again. American workers are becoming more productive, Chinese workers are more expensive, and the associated costs of manufacturing overseas have risen. A report by the Congressional Research Service found that the U.S. share of global manufacturing declined 30% in 2002 and that number dwindled  to 17.4% in 2012 ( 1 ). The new report by the Boston Consulting Group indicates that the costs of manufacturing in the U.S. versus many other places like China will be about the same giving the U.S.