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Poem: Diamond of the Morning Sun

Dew in the early morning grass, As the sun rises, you will surely pass. Yet for the moment, you are bliss, When you leave us our hearts will miss. A sparkling diamond that you are, Worthy of praise near and far. Light beam shines sparkling through you, Giving a view of the world that is more true, A swirling mist of colors on a constant run, All chasing each other having great fun.  Together they come each on their own, Blending together to create hue and tone. As the sun rises, you will soon drip, I would like to catch you for a divine sip. Good-bye diamond of the morning light, Noticing you made my day just right. The poem discussed the nature of life and the busy lives that most of us live. Few ever look around and see that nature is where we came from and where we must all return. The poem is about droplets of water on the grass in the early morning sunlight. Have you ever taken the time to see the little stuff? Author: Dr.