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Haiku Poem: The Eagle’s Eggs

Title: The Eagle’s Eggs Eagle of sky high (5) with eggs resting quietly, (7) feathers the wind wakes. (5) By the Hawk This is an attempt at a haiku poem that describes nature and the cycle of life. It creates a patriotic image of the most noble creature of the sky existing as protector of freedom. The old are the nest makers of the young and each successful egg represents another opportunity to finish the fulfillment of a societal promise. The cycle will continue until the eggs are no longer protected against the elements of nature or they fail to become eagles themselves (egg, chick, eagle). Even though the poem is a first attempt, it is helpful to think about what this means in terms of our lives. As Americans, we are part of a cycle and each child offers an opportunity to fulfill a destiny and promise. That promise is rooted in human and societal development as a nation. Each generation is another opportunity. It should help people think beyond themselves to t