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Kenpo: Opponents at Sides Variations

Opponents at Sides are important tactics that helps to understand how to leverage speed and precision movements to handle two people at one time. Because two skilled opponents have way more hands, weight, and confusing actions the overall goal is to be quick and decisive by not allowing them to use their numbers. Failure to hit vital areas may not have sufficient impact and will allow the opponents to counter attack.  This need to hit vital areas quickly is one reason why I would suggest either the neck, bridge of the nose, or the groin. Hitting the neck causes a gag reflex, the bridge of the nose is a major pressure point, and the groin will force them down on the floor leaving just a few moments to escape.  Kenpo may have aggressive tactics but they are designed as a method of removing yourself from difficult situations. Kenpo is a peaceful self-defense system that hopes to teach students self-restraint even when one is being manhandled. Only that force which is necessar