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Sunday, June 2, 2013

The San Diego Museum of Art Hosts World Culture

The San Diego Museum of Art offers a wide array of ancient art for patrons to ponder and wonder about. As one of San Diego’s oldest museums it is host to at least a quarter of a million visitors a year who come to understand its representations of life. Within its vaults, it holds the cultural treasures of items from 5,000 BC to modern artistic works. An array of world society can be found in a single building and can be traversed within two hours or less.

In its earliest form, the modern San Diego Museum had its beginning in the Panama-California International Exposition held in Balboa Park 1915-1916. Original planning for the building started through the civic and business leader Appleton S. Bridges around 1922. The Fine Arts Society was formed in 1925 by merging the San Diego Art Guild and the Friends of the Art to manage the new museum.

The Museum offers education programs for children and adults. Providing information in Spanish and English a wide swath of local people and tourists can visit the art and learn about it. It is a central and integral piece to San Diego’s tourism industry and is supported by local interest. 

1450 El Prado
San Diego, CA 92101

The Exhibits:
Spanish, Italian, and Netherlands Art 15th to 19th Century
Italian Renaissance Art 1300-1600
European Art 17th Century to Impressionism
Masterworks in Metal, Ink and Silk
Art of East Asia
Pacific Horizons and Alternative Accounts
Temple, Palace, Mosque
Piranesi, Rome and the Arts of Design
Modern Art

Come and visit to see the artworks on a close and personal level. I'm sure the museum would appreciate your patronage and support. You may wish to become a member or make a donation HERE

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