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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lighthouse Way Painting-Time Investment

Dr. Murad Abel
The painting Lighthouse Way is an amateur production. Painting is a skill that takes considerable time to master and comes often with years of practice. In this particular case I found a picture and decided to try and copy it. It would seem that by copying a picture the quality turns out a little better than if one is trying to do something from memory alone. It allows the judging of contour and shades. At such point it is necessary to learn the techniques in brushes, strokes, and paint color. Nothing can be accomplished in a day.

Water can be difficult to paint and I have tried various ways to do so. Beaches, trees, and grass seem to be fairly easy. As I watch videos and professions do their work it would seem that the subtleties of color are mixed with great care in order to get the right impression. At times it is simply a matter of quick strokes that combine with experience to produce the proper effect,

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