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Poem: A Cottage of a Thousand Years

A cheesy painting I did.  I know...its not that good!💁 Even though each of us are unique we are part of a larger collective of people. Our perception is limited when looking from inside a generation but when we stand back and get a wide angle view we can see a moving, living, breathing organism made of all the people within a society. Even though some generations are more successful than others all live within a chain. Generation after generation is born and transfers information from one to the next creating collective knowledge. Newer generations build off of the knowledge of the old to develop a better world for themselves. It is the same with each generation and it will continue as long as we adapt and grow. Decisions at one time and in one area have an influence on the entire organism. People may believe they are different and the values and characteristics they hold make them better than each other. In the end we are only one generation on a path of generations. In the c