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Tool, Toy, and Obsession Exhibit at The San Diego Art Department

Art is an expression of human life and is important for building civility and humanity among the population. Many do not appreciate local and national art as an important form of human development. The San Diego Art Department not only provides classes for community members but also has juried art shows that street visitors may walk in and ponder.  On August 8 th and 9 th the exhibit Tool, Toy, Obsession by Alexis Archibald & DJ Brelje offered metalwork art that can be spun and tinkered with. Some of the art includes heavy metal bobble heads, metal snakes with human heads, and a few others I have a difficult time describing accurately. The exhibit was shocking and seemed to touch upon a gothic theme.    There were also more traditional forms of art such as paintings and glasswork. The level of mastery was impressive and showed a seasoned artist’s skill. Many of these works have appeal and could be placed in just about anyone’s home or office. Their works contai