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Friday, July 18, 2014

San Diego Sunday Farmer Markets

Few things are better than going back to nature’s simplicity when buying food. No heavy pesticides, artificial flavoring, or wax covered fruit. Farmer markets offer an opportunity to experience products how they were before mass marketing and encourage support of local farming families. Consider the difficulties many small productions have in getting recognition for their brands.

In San Diego, local farmer markets enhance the d├ęcor and culture of the downtown regions.  Local residents and visitors enjoy seeing the sites and walking around the markets to see what local products are available. Cottage industry sales become part of local expression in the form of native produce, crafts, jewelry, clothing, and food.

Two farmer markets are within a few miles of each other and are easily walked. 

Third Avenue Certified Farmers Market and Asian Bazaar: A rather small farmer market that appears to be slowing down in terms of participants. One can visit local Chinese restaurants, stores, and museum while picking up a few household items. There isn’t a lot of fruit or vegetables but there are local businesses and vendors with items for sale. Consider Olivetti’s Fine Oils and Vinegars at

Sunday: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
400 block of Third Ave. between Island Ave and J Street

Seaport Village Headquarters: A fairly strong market that offers fruit & vegetables, household items, jewelry , honey, bags and clothing. It isn’t as large as some of the other markets offered on Saturday but does provide many of the basic items you need. Of particular interest are the natural free range eggs. Papa’s Garden offers a playground for their exceptionally cared for chickens. You can order at

Sunday: 10:00-2:00PM
Harbor Drive and Pacific Highway

Farmer markets are more than simply selling products for profit. They also take on a form of direct marketing allowing small businesses to gain interest and attention from their target market (Tijani & Yano, 2007). There isn’t much difference between farmer markets and the ancient bazaars. It becomes a place of community where people meet, talk, socialize, and purchase products. If nothing else it gets people enjoying the outdoors.

Tijani, S. & Yano, I. (2007). The direct farmer’s market: a tool for rural female empowerment. Direct Marketing, 1 (4).