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Improving Student Outcomes: Using Causal Analysis To Determine Which Interventions Actually Work

Date: November 4 ~ 3:00-4:30pm (Eastern) Type: online webinar Info: With the proliferation of interventions in all levels of education, it is imperative to know which interventions actually work to improve student outcomes. As such, it is also important for administrators and instructors alike to know the fundamental concepts of causal analysis, or studies that help determine whether an intervention is actually causing outcomes to improve over time. This webinar will introduce participants to the basic concepts of experimental design, with a focus on randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and quasi-experimental methods, such as difference-in-differences and regression discontinuity designs. We will also discuss the concept of matched comparison designs using propensity scores. This webinar is an introduction to the fundamentals of causal analysis and is appropriate for anyone interested in knowing more about cause and effect. Participants will leave the webinar with an understandin

Webinar: Faculty As Teachers & Mentors

How To Build A Student-Focused Culture & Increase Retention Type: Webinar February 12 th , 2014 Location: United States of America We will provide a set of proven strategies designed to build a student-focused culture throughout the entire institution. The strategies introduced may be implemented at your institution to guarantee quality interactions between faculty & students.   Website:

Connections 2014-Student Learning Assessment

Connections 2014 Closing the Loop: More Than a Metaphor March 3-5, 2014 The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center 901 Prices Fork Road Blacksburg, VA 24061   You are invited to attend the 4th Annual Connections Conference on Higher Education Assessment hosted by Virginia Tech and Weave.  The Connections 2014 Conference aims to add meaning to the metaphor, "Closing the Loop". Too often, the final step of the assessment process gets less attention in the rush to complete one assessment project and move onto another. Connections 2014 will showcase sessions from institutions that have successfully utilized the assessment cycle to make well-informed, strategic decisions designed to improve student learning or the learning environment. This is a small interactive conference with only 200 registrations, so space is  limited . Registration will close once capacity is reached. Click Here to learn more and to register for Connections 2014!